Muy malo

Our name says it all: it is Spanish for mischievous. Actually, a little naughty. We do like naughtiness. We think that naughty is cool and fun. Especially with girls. We believe that every child should be a little naughty. Just going against it all. Doing your own thing. Discovering stuff. And not just always doing what somebody else is telling you to do. We call it curiosity. We love curiosity. Especially because we ourselves are curious too! We are curious about other countries, about different habits and customs. How children in other countries dress, how they eat, how they sleep, how they pick their noses and whether they ding dong ditch and whether they jump around in rain puddles. And we are curious about all the things that are different from the things we know. How it smells in another country. Which music they like. What they don’t like or what they do like. Whether they pass wind underneath their blankets. And we are of course curious about what they eat. You see, when you are curious and you go and investigate, you learn a lot of things. And then it is not naughty but actually very clever, do you see what we mean? Of course, you will then also see why we love extraordinary, sometimes crazy clothes. Just a bit more different than usually. Beautiful exotic fabrics combined with prints with expressive colors and sassy details. We enjoy making that the most. That is our passion. Or actually, we can’t do it any other way because we ourselves are like that.
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